The Land Project

A long-term living landplot, The Land Project encompasses seven-acres in Indiana's rural rolling Rush County countryside along the Flatrock River. This patch of forest and grassland enjoys a freshwater spring and a growing nut forest variety of shellbark Hickory, black walnut, oak, and pecan. Black rasberries and blackberries ripen abundantly in late June and Early July.

The Flatrock River stretches some 90 miles southwesterly from east-central Indiana to Columbus, where its gathered waters encourage the east fork of the White River. The White flows into the Wabash, the Ohio, and ultimately the largest river system in North America, the Mississippi River watershed. As the Flatrock ambulates Indiana's dense farmland and mixed hardwood forests its waters reveal the abundant Indiana flagstone that give the river its name.

The in-progress structure is built entirely of local limestone. The Roof timbers, flooring, shelving will be constructed from recovered redwood beams, and also from recycled barn and corn crib timber from Rush and Shelby country Indiana. A comprehensive drawing collection of wildlife noticed on the property, a roadkill effigy mound, a mini natural history museum, and other long-term land developments are to be established...